Thursday, December 24, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Picnic at the Park

Picnic at the park

First Haircut

First Haircut

The Fifth Beatle

The fifth Beatle

The Art of Ninja

The Art of Ninja

Squirrel Hunting Season

Squirrel hunting season.


Bacon.  The boy with the spiky hair made his cameo appearance.

Play Ball Boo Berry Bandit (BBB)

BBB with a ball

The Little Girl in Pink

The little girl in pink made her cameo appearance.

Happy Holidays - Peace and Love

Happy Holidays

Love and Peace

Love and Peace

The Cure for the Summer Blues

The cure for the Summer Blues

The Invisible Ninja Squirrel Exposed!

The invisible Ninja Squirrel exposed!

The Invisible Ninja Squirrel

The invisible Ninja Squirrel

Meet Boo Berry Bandit (BBB) and friends

Here it goes.  Meet Boo's friend, a white kitten named Caty and his nemesis, the Ninja Squirrel in the backyard.  Of course, there are Mommy, Daddy, the little in Pink and the boy with the spiky hair, who eventually make their cameo appearances in the series.  Enjoy, follow, subscribe and feedback.

Meet Boo Berry Bandit (BBB)

Meet Boo Berry Bandit or BBB.  He is a four month old Lhasa Apso puppy, a new addition to our family right before Thanksgiving of 2015.  My kids (aged 11 and 8) and I have started our comic book project 4 years ago.  Please also watch our "Hope Your Day Rules" YouTube channel.

With BBB, we are inspired to create a new comic strip "Meet Boo Berry Bandit."   He is a curious, active, angelic and devilish puppy.  This is a daughter-son-father project where my son is the chief editor and my daughter the art critique and music director.  Enjoy and follow us daily.  Our goal is to post one comic strip a day so that our beloved readers can  follow the day in the life of Boo Berry Bandit. Please follow us, subscribe and provide your comments and feedback.